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You are allowed to drive on Malaysian road if you have a valid diver’s license from most other countries. International driver’s licenses are recognized as long as they are still valid and having one will ensure you do not get into difficulties. If you plan to be here a while it may be a good idea to get a local license.


If your overseas license is not valid in Malaysia or you wish to learn to drive here, you will have to take a driving test.




-         Choose a well-established, reputable dealership.

-         When buying a new or used import, always ask for the import license (AP) and custom duties receipt.

-         Demand the car’s service record as a precaution

-         To avoid buying a stolen car, ask for the original invoice, service book, and the insurance policy from the previous owner

-         Ask for an inspection report from the Road Transportation Department to steer clear of buying a ‘wreck’ or previously salvaged vehicle

-         If the car’s registration card is not an original copy, request a photocopy of the original card

-         If you trade in your old car, have this written specifically on the sales invoice.

-         Resale value depends on a car’s popularity in the local market. Vehicle with large engine capacity aren’t popular due to higher road taxes and fuel consumption.

-         Loans are not available for cars over 10years old, and much harder to sell when you leave Malaysia.


-         Prior to your departure from Malaysia, set aside at least one month to sell your car. This will allow ample time for paperwork processing, background checks, etc.

-         Cash on delivery arrangements should be your preferred settlement option and must include concurrently the full settlement of any outstanding balance to the finance company. Payment by bank draft is an accepted practice in Malaysia.

-         Upon delivery to the buyer, request a letter of indemnity that assumes responsibility for any traffic offence incurred after the transaction to protect yourself against any legal implication

-         For security reason, always have a male person present when selling your car, especially advertised to the public

-         If someone wants to test drive your vehicle, demand they leave behind his or her identity cad and go along or the ride. Only allow a test drive if an estimated price is agreed upon, and when you feel comfortable. Use your best judgment and common sense.